JazzyBIT is an instrumental trio consisting of Teodor Pop (piano, Hammond organ, Rhodes), Mihai Moldoveanu (bass guitar) and Szabó Csongor-Zsolt (drums, percussion) that approaches music inspired by jazz, latin, funk and blues.

The idea of a band was born in autumn 2011, when Teodor and Mihai have played together in two groups: “Timișoara Big Band” and “Blues Project”. At the end of 2011 Zsolt was recruited, following the band to support first shows in early 2012. In the next years the band performed at festivals like: Gărâna Jazz Festival, Câmpina Jazz Rock Festival, Sibiu International Jazz Festival, Târgu Mureș International Student Jazz Festival, Roland Jazz Festival in Sângeorz-Băi, Timișoara Capital Jazz Festival, Alba Jazz Festival and Green Hours International Jazz Festival in București.

Besides those festivals, the band also had shown in Alba Iulia, Arad, București, Cluj, Oradea, Sibiu, Târgu Mureș, Timișoara, Budapest and Szeged (Hungary). Their repertoire consists entirely of own compositions, both stylistically and dynamically diverse.

In February 2014 JazzyBIT released their debut album entitled “Touch the Sky“.