This project brings together five of romanian jazz’s most interesting names: singer/songwriter Ana-Cristina Leonte , pianist Albert Tajti , sax player Alex Munte, bassist Michael Acker and drummer Tavi Scurtu. Although they represent a new generation, they have all had a very rich presence in various musical situations, harvesting precious experiences and cultivating their skills . Each of them contributes to the group with their sensibilities and influences, the defining traits of their artistic personalities .

In this formula they explore new spheres of jazz, whee modern nuances, combined with modal jazz flavours, subtle folkloric nostalgia and outbursts on free jazz energy result in original compositions with a special sound, that maintains a delicate balance between modernity and tradition, the written and the spontaneously improvised, the simple and the complex. Part of the group s repertoir is based around the “Secret lover” concept, which is also the title of their first album, released by Fiver House Records. It illustrates the different aspects of romantic love, mirroring the singer’s experiences.