Aufgang’s debut album drops in 2009, what follows is ‘Istiklaliya’, released under the French independent label Infine. At this time, Aufgang is a trio.

People like to say they’re ‘Electro-Classical’. But that falls too short.

The reality is, Aufgang is much more.

You’d be warmer describing the sound as piano melodies, electronic music and trance, thrashed out with energy of hardcore rock.

Aufgang is the child of free improvisation. But, the result is anything but abstract. It’s the peoples’ music – able to inhabit the body of clubbers, while also appealing to the sensibilities of classical music lovers and vica versa.

That said, trying to peg Aufgang into a box of any sort would be an ill fit. No matter how we put it.

Simply put, Aufgang is music around a drum set, a piano and synths, fronted by two seriously good musicians and composers.

Take Rami Khalife, Augang’s piano, synth and voice guy – at his tender age he’s already composed ‘Requiem’ and ‘Chaos’ for the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in Doha, and you can also catch him on stage with his father, world renowned oud player, Marcel Khalife. Aymeric Westrich – our drums, synth and voice guy, is one of the best rhythm drivers in music today, having worked alongside Cassius, Kery James and Phoenix, just to name a few.

It’s from these experience that Aufgang is what it is.