The Electric Epic is a band composed of four jazz and progressive rock musicians, who got together on the initiative of Guillaume Perret. Assuming the legacy of progressive pop of the 1970’s, Electric Epic is an innovative fusion of contemporary jazz, funky grooves and howling heavy metal.

At the crossroads of different aesthetics, the original repertoire of the album combines ambitious themes and wild improvisations, while the hypnotic loops are boosted by a rhythmic section that has that unusual warmth and efficiency.

In order to reveal the power and the subtlety of this extreme, contemporary and hybrid music, Dominique “Dume” Poutet was in charge of producing the album (Laurent de Wilde, DTC Records, Ti’Fock…)

“Simply an extraordinary music, nay unbelievable. This quartet, their setlist and performance are enthralling, like a great fresh draft that will literally stun you when looking at the sudden range of possibilities of what we call music, in addition to bringing great smiles of satisfaction to the faces of the fortunate ones this evening.” Culture Jazz

Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic will perform in Timisoara on the 5th of july from 21:00 before Dianne Reeves.