In the beginning of her career, Liv Warfield collaborated with a myriad of local musicians in Portland which provided the platform to demonstrate her vocals across genres. In 2006, Liv’s self-released debut album Embrace Me, was well received and offered the world a glimpse into her distinguished sound.

However, it was 2009 which brought the pivotal change of her career. The legendary performer Prince watched a video on YouTube of Liv singing “Gimme Shelter” and three months later, he called her to invite her to audition for his vocal backing group, the New Power Generation (NPG). Nowadays, Liv has been singing, touring and blazing stages with Prince and the NPG for the past several years. Liv also sang on Prince’s 2010 album Lotusflow3r and since then, the rest is history – in the making.

She has been nominated for three 2014 Soul Train Music Awards, where she is also scheduled to perform along with Chris Brown, Jodeci and more. With the dedication and tremendous talent evidenced in her journey so far, it is realistic to speculate that a future Liv Warfield Grammy nomination would not be unexpected.