Imany, soul-jazz artist from France, with a strong and melancholy voice, brings a unique sound, from intimate ballads to funk energy. Imany means faith, from the arabesque ”Imaan”.

She always loved singing, but before her musical career she was a model and lived in the US for seven years. When she returned, in 2008, her sister became her manager and she started singing in places like Beau Lounge, Réservoir, Bellevilloise and China Club.

Imany wrote the lyrics of her debut album, ”Shape of a Broken Heart”, for which she won platinum in France and Greece and triple platinum in Poland. Her second album, released in 2014, is the soundtrack of the movie „Sous les jupes des filles”, actress Audrey Dana directorial debut.

Inspired my the music of Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Tracy Chapman, she combines styles such as funk, pop, raggae, jazz, folk and blues. Also, she perfomed on the stages of some popular music festivals: Montreaux Jazz Festival, Delhi Jazz Festival and New Orleans Jazz Festival.


“You will never know” –
”Slow down” –

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