BAB is a project formed on the background of experimental electronic music at the beginning of 2014. It’s an atipical combination of vocal elements and influences of jazz, blues and soul, which served as basis for two albums, „Seeing”(2014) and „Ahead”(2015). The two have risen on the frame of the same concept, subtly presenting the story through the eyes of the observer, of the one who manages to stay present. “In Between”, the third album, changes a little the perspective through which the message is designed and conveyed, the vocal elements being even more present than before, with the purpose of expressing as concretely as possible what the observer is actually living, his inner world being the one materialised now. The album will be released in digital format as well by the end of this year. The band is composed of Alexandru Bogdan Borca (vocals, guitar, keyboards, author and composer), Emanuela Alexa (vocals, author) George Melencu (guitar, author) and Florin Crancu (drums).