Paperjam is an event of improvised music, founded in 2012 by bassist Mihai Moldoveanu. Initially thought out as medium of spontaneous expression which implies ad hoc creation, Paperjam proposes and signifies musical exploration, offering the variation of musicians invited a complete freedom of expression. Stylistically, Paperjam is somewhere between electronic music, rock, jazz and hip-hop. An EP entitles “Papercuts” was released in 2013.

The Line-up chosen for JazzTM is made up of founding members Mihai Moldoveanu (bass) and Lucian Naste (guitar), along with musicians Alexei Țurcan (electronics, founding member of the band Travka, with his own electronic music project called “Tomma Alistar”) and Dan Georgescu (drums, member of “byron”, with his own musical project called “almadeer”).