The :Egocentrics are the pioneers of the Romanian instrumental stoner/psychedelic, launching in 2008 their first self-released EP – “Mystic Inclination” – which very quickly received positive reviews from websites like Cosmic Lava and The Ripple Effect. The trio formed by Brenn, Jess and Hera was born in Timisoara, developing, in time, a powerful chemistry, and promoting a new approach to psychedelic rock, with infusions of a “jazz-like state of mind”.

Shortly after the EP’s release, the band signed a contract with the famous record laber NASONI Records in Berlin, contract which launched them on a select orbit in the world of the European acid/psychedelia/stoner rock. Recorded in August 2009 and launched on April 1st 2010, their first album, entitled “Love Fear Choices and Astronauts”, is a revelation for the Romanian music scene. With a structure of four songs, going from ambiental to introspective passages, and from space-rock landscapes to overloaded riffs, “Love Fear Choices and Astronauts” represents an impressive debut, very well received by the speciality musical critics like Lowcut (DEN), Psychotropic Zone (FIN),, Sleeping Shaman (UK), Lords Of Metal (NL) etc.

The second discography is also under NASONI Records, the second LP – “The Center of the Cyclone”. The album illustrates an improvement in the band’s energy, musical composition and sound, in parallel with the intense and hypnotic live performance.