B.A.U. (Urban Artistic Brigade) is an open collective that creates improvised dance music. Formed around a group of friends from Timisoara, B.A.U. plays together since 1995. The bands members are: Uțu Pascu (bass, samplers, effects), Vlad Trif (keys), Alin Mărgărit (guitar, keys), Tavi Scurtu (drums) and MC Tina.

“The name was started as an anticommunist joke, but also a “tribute” for Urban Experience, whose electronic live set at the Students’ House impressed us. There were things not seen in a sea of heavy metal, blues & rock concert.” (Tavi Scurtu)

Spontaneity and coherence of improvised speech, driven by public interaction, remain unaltered. Over the years, B.A.U has had countless collaborations with artists such as Toni Kuhn, Dan Griber, UFO, DJ Dudu, Roli Breaker, DJ Dubase, DJ Sleek, DJ Vasile, Electric Brother, Seba 1394, Dan Mitrofan MC Agent, Ate de Chile, MC Bean, Norzeatic, Injektah, Pacha Man, Turntable Science, Eddie Neumann, Sascha Bota, Claudiu Buna, Lucian Nagy, Bucharest Jazz Orchestra, OSGC and many others.

Videoclip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz9w5watx4c
Site oficial: https://soundcloud.com/b-a-u-1