The Jam Community is a group of friends, who while playing, improvising and exploring new sounds, generates a music that one can dance or dream on, music encompassing their diverse experiences and articulating as a common approach to find new or eternal principles, concepts and techniques that would guide the creation of a coherent and natural improvised musical discourse that allows for spontaneous, authentic expression beyond the stylistic barriers and sterile canons.

The Jam Community is a unique project that sums up experimental music and eclectic sounds. TJC’s band members are: Johnny Bica (keyboard), Albert Tajti (keyboard), Adi Stoenescu (keyboard), Michael Acker (bass and synth), Octavian Scurtu (drums), Ghassan Bouz (percussion), DJ Vasile (sampling and scratch), Harvis Cuni Padron (trumpet), Dan Mitrofan (guitar), DJ Tzuc (sampling and scratch), Liviu Negru (guitar), Matheus Jardim (drums) and Marcel Moldovan (drums).

Beginning with African music, going through jazz, blues, soul, funk, rock, dub, disco, hip hop, they through drum & bass, nu jazz, nu soul, or any other music with the same substance, as well. Still in the universal cliché and preset, of which it only seems difficult to find a way to escape, they do not deny any source of inspiration, any pretext for uninterrupted interaction, seeking a way to share an experience of reality and finding a common voice, a liberating thinking system.

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