Trumpeter, musician and producer, Petre Ionuţescu is a founding member of Funky Growl and Blazzaj and founder of the Romanian Brass Society. Since 1995 he has been performing on national and international stages and has collaborated with important Romanian acts such as Alexandrina, Thy Veils, Subcarpati and Negura Bunget.

On the solo side, the artist became known due to the TROMPETRE project, to which many collaborators and friends from various artistic fields joined together, the concept of the project becoming TROMPETRE and FRIENDS. Under this name the musician launched in 2016 his first album “Maria Radna Live”, recorded in the summer of 2015, in the Maria-Radna Monastery from Lipova. The album contains 7 tracks, all inspired by nature and the musical concept captures a mix of styles including ambient, eclectic and experimental jazz.

TROMPETRE’s line-up at JazzTM will include Petre Ionuţescu (trumpet, piano, flute, caval), Gabriel Almaşi (guitar, electronics), Sergiu Catana (percussion, shakuhachi) and Anghel Mailat (synth).

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