(Photo credit York Tillyer)

Snarky Puppy leader, Michael League fuses groove with world music in his brilliant new band, featuring Snarky Puppy band members; colleagues who have played with everyone from Paul Simon to Yo-Yo Ma; and the sensational vocalist from Guadeloupe, Malika Tirolien.

For the newly formed international music ensemble Bokanté, connection is the foundation upon which all things are built. The band’s formation was born in the desire to connect with society and the problems most urgently facing it.

The word bokanté means “exchange” in Creole, the language of vocalist Malika Tirolien’s youth growing up on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Two-time Grammy award-winning guitarists Michael League, Chris McQueen, and Bob Lanzetti (all from Snarky Puppy), percussion legend Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon, Sting), pedal and lap steel virtuoso Roosevelt Collier (Lee Boys, Karl Denson), and unplaceable percussionists André Ferrari (Väsen) and Keita Ogawa (Banda Magda, Yo-Yo Ma) come together to create a diverse ensemble rich in groove, melody, and soul.

The music is meant to represent this idea of a cultural exchange between the melting pot of musicians involved.

Bokante truly are from all over the place. In a world increasingly defined by the politics of nationalism and homogeneity, their multi-continent, multi-national, multi-generational, multi-gendered line up is a splash of difference to be celebrated.

Michael League – Baritone Guitar
Andre Ferrari – Percussion
Roosevelt Collier – Lap Steel Guitar
Keita Ogawa – Percussion
Jamey Haddad – Percussion
Malika Tirolien – Vocals
Bob Lanzetti – Guitar
Jordan Peters – Guitar
Jay White – Bass Guitar

Video: www.youtube.com/Bokanté
Official website: https://www.bokante.com