Marta Popovici is one of the most promising voices of the new generation that forms the current romanian jazz scene. Based on jazz music, the project she launched in 2018, On The Fly, is the living and fresh expression of the young local generation, which combines the musical tradition of the genre with modern sounds such as soul, r&b, neo-soul, trip-hop. They got to know the contemporary scene through events and concerts that they held in the country and beyond.
Each of the five members has studied music at the National University of Music in Bucharest, a context in which the idea of the project was born. In October 2019, they held a concert in Vienna, Austria, as part of an experience exchange between three universities: the University of Music Bucharest, JAM Music Lab University Vienna and Taller de Músics Barcelona. Their experience includes projects such as ConnectArts and JamCircle, cultural projects in which they were invited to participate representing the local jazz scene.

In 2021 Marta Popovici will release her first album, together with On The Fly.

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