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ONE | the story

We want to flip the textile industry consumption and turn the waste and the pieces you want to keep in a new shape and a timeless product.

With focus on creating flexible and adaptable jobs, reusing and repurposing textiles, while creating unique stories, ONE is a social enterprise that wants to talk about people, with people and the environment they live in.

ONE is about YOU and OTHERS coming together, creating value you want to keep for future generations.

ONE | the story

A pick-up point for donated textiles, a workshop that turns the textile waste into new, unique fabrics and a clasical design that turns them into wearable pieces, while creating jobs that fit the availability of the team members - this is the ONE story we plan to write together.
The Textile industry has become one of the most polluting industry, on average, every person throwing over 37kg of texiles every year, out of which 97% could be reused. WE NEED TO START to REUSE / RECYCLE & REPAIR MORE!
We'll go through a few steps, both with the process and the design, so that people and team members can contribute according to their will and skills.

The process has been split into production stages so that team members can participate skills-based, also ensuring a high quality end product.

The community and the buyers can contribute by donating unwanted textiles, buying the timeless ONE design end products but also by requesting custom-made ONE shirts with their own beloved textiles.
In order to start operations we are working on all levels of action, while we need community support with some technical equipment. We are looking for STRATEGIC PARTNERS for:

Sewing machines

Washing machines

Drying machines